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If you got Axl to answer several question (hypothetically), what would they be?

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Maybe he can come back to chat and make this more interesting.

I would ask him about the CD leftovers.

If he did come back, it probably would be nightrain only.

If Axl goes chatting with nightrain members only that day we learn that Axl was replaced for some look alike or some shit.

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How did the Dijon birthday picture tradition start?

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Over the last years, have you made any music outside of the rock genre? If so, what kind?

Are Civil War and Madagascar connected? How did/do you want those songs to be interpreted?

Are you in a happy place right now?

What's the best taco you've ever had?

Do you feel that people expect too much of you?

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This would be an AMAZING time for Dexter to come back to the forums.

I wish he would. That would be awesome. He doesn't owe me answers but this is getting out of control and if nothing is announced by the time I wake up Thursday, somebody needs to say something. Edited by Billsfan
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