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Right next door to hell. Why is this song so damn underrated?

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Not underrated by me. Always loved it.

I actually think a lot of the UYI tour setlists sucked. Many of the album's best songs (Locomotive, Breakdown, Right Next Door To Hell, Coma etc) were barely played at all.

I know some of those songs are a bitch to sing, but still, the greedy fan in me feels hard done by never having seen these gems live.

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Love the story on how Izzy worked some parts of the song with Timo Kaltio YEARS before the song was released and how Kaltia was credited on the song as a co-songwriter = http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/88530-the-article-of-making-right-next-door-to-hell/

This photo shows Timo in 2009 recording with Izzy


Kaltio co-wrote and recorded with Izzy the songs 'Box' and 'Seems To Me' for the FIRE album.

Seems To Me is a terrific song

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They used to open with it, but it's a really hard song to sing. Probably dropped it to save the voice.

Lets face it, fat arse would need an oxygen tank just to make it through Patience these days, why you wanna kill the poor bastard for? :lol:

I love the lyrics.

But when your innocence dies you'll find the blues and most of heroes were born to lose..

*cough* Johnny Thunders *cough cough*

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Don't really like it. Musically it sounds like recycled Brownstone and lyrically its so fast-paced that you can barely sing along to the melody. Kinda a weak opener to UYI if you ask me

Its waaay better than Browstone and I like Brownstone!

Loved this song and it was PERFECT to open UYI with ;-)

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