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'The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story Of Guns N' Roses' To Air On BBC FOUR In UK (Fri 5th Feb 10pm)

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^ Until now...

Classic Rock slated it, which I was pleasantly surprised to see because honestly it is the truth and they played no favouritism with Jon Brewer considering they've collaborated in the past to bring Marc Canter's Reckless Road reprinted and distributed at WH Smith news agencies over here in the UK a few years ago.

"A story, but not the story.

Serendipitously released as Guns N’ Roses start rehearsals for a series of ‘reunion’ shows, The Most Dangerous Band In The World tells the story of the group’s early years, and attempts to make sense of the subsequent fallout.

Director Jon Brewer has history with the band (Slash actually lived in his closet for a couple of days), but it seems he was unable to pull the strings necessary to tell the story as comprehensively as it clearly deserves.


So there’s plenty of Matt Sorum and Steven Adler and A&R man Tom Zutaut, but nothing from Izzy or Axl or manager Alan Niven, and Dizzy Reed, who’s been in the band 26 years, isn’t mentioned.

It’s topped and tailed by clunky references to Alice In Wonderland, and while some of the unseen live footage (from Slash’s childhood friend Marc Canter) is thrilling, the film feels hastily and haphazardly assembled. Welcome to the bungle.  

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I seem to have enjoyed the Guns documentary more than most yet I recently re-watched the BBC's documentary on Neil Young, Don't Be Denied, an infinitely better production all round and it only lasts one hour. So the Beeb can produce excellent rock documentaries.

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2 hours ago, passenger57 said:

Anyone catch this BBC documentary on GnR? Has lots of footage and info I never heard or seen before. Pretty amazing





I merged your thread with the original thread we had here. Plenty to read about, one of our members won tickets to the first screening. :)

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