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Will Izzy ever do a world tour? (Solo)


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very unlikely but who knows

he has enough songs to do a terrific show

i am not sure if there is a demand for a tour since very few people seem to know his songs

perfect setlist would be half solo stuff, 1/4 gnr stuff that he wrote, 1/4 covers (stones etc)

perfect band would include slash on solo guitar, duff on bass, steven on drums

and of course bill could do some guest appearances 

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The good thing about not many people knowing Izzy solo output is that if he ever tours he will probably (hopefully) play some clubs and theaters and relatively small places (much like Duffs Loaded).

Now that would be something id love to see and id go in each and every show possible!

too bad this vid has somewhat bad audio quality, the live version of ROCKER they played IN 1992-93 is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT



and sorry mick and keith but this JIVIN SISTER FANNY live version is like 18 times BETTER than the original!



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