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Vinyl enquiry


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Hey. Cut a long story short, I was in my local charity shop today which sometimes stocks vinyl and I found a Guns 12" record. It didn't have a proper sleeve, only a plastic see through with a sticker that read Geffen Records 1993 and some other random info which unfortunately I don't remember but I do know for sure it didn't tell you what the record actually was. When looking at the record itself it just looked plain black, but when I put it to the light I could see pistol engraved into it with a kind of grey shade to it. It was priced at £25 which I guess is around $40. I didn't have my phone on me so didn't get to take a picture of it which sucks. But I did some snooping online and I couldn't find it anywhere. Does thing ring any bells? I'm going to go back tomorrow anyways and purchase it, if the store is open that is.

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