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GNR Reunion "Almost Ended" (AlternativeNation)

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1 minute ago, AxlRoseCDII said:

I don't think Alternative Nation is particularly a good source but I think it brings up a good question:

Alternative Nation isn't a 'source' at all, good or bad. They scrape sites all over the web and repackage whatever they find, with no due diligence or research on their part.

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Brett Buchanan (the "journalist" here) is the same guy who literally quotes forum members in half of his articles. I could say that the first time Axl texted Slash was in 2013 while Slash was taking a dump and he'll probably make an article with that tomorrow.

Nothing that MSL said there isn't anything that hasn't been speculated upon by many other people anyways. He's not necessarily wrong but he's not necessarily right. It's like if I said in 2014 that a reunion would happen - just because I ended up being right doesn't mean I actually had inside info.

MSL is an interesting source because he's had plenty of neat information before, much of it true, but in this particular instance it reads more like speculation.

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