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Happy Slash


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@mend How many times did you attend Slash shows in the last years? When he is on stage he is really concentrated almost 100% of the time. I really like watching him play live. He's not running around like crazy anymore.

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In the last years 5 times.


But i was just wondering, just saw a couple of clips of the shows. but when you where there you can judge it better than i can. So Vissud Thanks for the answer 



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1 minute ago, wasted said:

I saw a pic of bow at Vegas and Slash looks distant. Then I looked at pics from the 90s and he looks the same. He just doesn't mug for the camera much. 

Nah but you look at the early VR days, Slash was almost giggly during shows. Look at the backstage footage of VR's secret show in Hollywood when it all began. Also look at his solo shows. There is something missing here. He looks more like Slash from the later days of VR right before the end. 

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On the other hand, Axl looks happy as fuck. He looks like a man that's happy to have all of the weight of the GnR name off of his shoulders. He's more relaxed and having fun on stage rather than walking around like an angry conductor. 


....or he may have just got the better end of the deal. :lol:

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But Slash wasn't laughing his ass off alll the time on stage in the 90s. He has to concentrate while playing too. But maybe he needs a little bit like Keef has where he thanks and crowd before The Godfather or downs a pint of Budweiser. 

Axl on crutches is just typical. Finally you get the reunion and that happens. It's decent PR though. Nobody says shit when you're on crutches. 

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Seriously, I thought he looked realy happy and I can't remember when I've seen him rock that hard. Just watch the whole show, he was running around, having fun, he even did that Chuck Berry/Angus Young dance a little. 

Edit: Sorry I'm posting this for the third time, but this just warms my heart :heart:


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1 hour ago, mend said:

Is it just me or is he not happy with the whole thing? All video's i saw he basically just stands in one spot, not running around and shit like that.


Let me guess.. He played Chinese democracy songs so you figured you'd make a thread.

Get a life

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31 minutes ago, LandOla said:



he's happy

my theories on why they are smiling 

1. they are talking about the fact that axl has had a slash tattoo on his arm during the 20 year fall out

2. because its time to take melissa backstage

3. because they've just proved to the world that they've still got it 

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