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Pittman Twitter Blowup


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Still curious why he was replaced after 20 years of service in the band.    Must have been something big.. or maybe Axl just wanted to change it up..

Maybe Slash and Duff didn't like him?   Chris seemed to think he was involved at first.     Could have been a place of compromise.. (I can get rid of Chris because there this girl Melissa who has done some work behind the scenes who could easily replace Chris).

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I was thinking maybe Chris didn't mesh well with Slash and Duff, maybe he had words over amount of Chinese Democracy material to play on tour, etc. I think that choosing Melissa as his replacement is just "go with who you know" since Melissa and Brain collaborate so much, Axl was just like... Hey, if Brain approves then I approve...

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A lot of people that went to shows and didn't know much about the new guys always said they thought that he was always out of place in GnR. I heard comments like, "What's up with the other keyboard player? Why is he even up there? Why did Axl hire a transvestite to play synths? Is that George from The Wedding Singer?"

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16 minutes ago, Italian girl said:

Maybe he drinks a lot or uses "other things" so slash and duff said NO

This. HASNT Chris had a problem with alcohol? Thought I saw a video of him falling off stage..?

Duff and Slash care about their health and so does axl. Maybe having pitman in the band was hazardous to that. Could you imagine duff or slash falling off of the wagon because of Gris freaking pitman?!

Better safe than sorry and the reality is, his position in the band was replaceable. 

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Pitman was 100% in till a few months ago. He did help to make that Star Wars GNR promo. He was even "there" in the band when Coachella was announced. He made a tweet that he will be there and the management got pissed at him cause this whole tour is being promoted as "Axl, Slash and Duff"

Pitman was in the band since a long time and as a member he thought he would have the same powers as Slash and Duff, but well he was just a hired member. 

Then well when he called us dildos and called this tour a Cash grab or something, then I assume he was fired. There were some news sites picking it up and whoever is managing the band now, they don't need to hear this crap, they have a lot of money on stake and can't take any chances. 

They know no one even cares about Pitman. So well they fired him and Frank is friends with Brain and then he would have contacted Melissa. 


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Of all the freaks gnr had, he was the one who didn't fit the most....he was also the worst musician gnr ever had. I'm not a internet Bashing whore... but seriously...you can't deny that his Sound engineering was just horrible! And I'm not blaming Chris for that but Axl...

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