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If you could ask the band ONE question...

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37 minutes ago, gooner14 said:

Will there be a new album? :D

Assuming they will tour Europe, this is the only thing I really would love to know! (Other stuff would be nice to know as well, of course :P)

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Great question!

Hmmm, let me think.

As curious as i am about the real reasons for the reconciliation, I don't think I really want the truth to be public as it could jeopardise the future of Axl's motives and reputation.  Think I just want to let it be.

This is hard........um, maybe could we have a jam session, even just once or one song.  Now that would be a dream.

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I had a dream about a year ago.  Axl, Slash, and Duff had reunited, and as chance would have it, I encountered them one late morning while out for a walk.  Initially, I was taken aback by the shock of what I was seeing before me. They were welcoming and invited me to tag along.  There was laughter and an easy-going, relaxed energy.  Everyone seemed to be in good spirits.  

We decided to have some lunch and found a small coffee shop.  Once we had settled in to our seats, curiosity began to swirl in my thoughts.  "You guys are all in the same band again? You're back?! How did this happen?"

" Are you going to put out a new album!!?"

Axl jumped up out of the booth and hightailed it out of there. Slash and Duff, disappointed and mildly upset, stared at me with a sense of bewilderment, wondering why I had done what I'd done.  

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