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Which would you choose?

What would you want the most?  

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Super easy choice. New Axl-Slash-Duff-(Izzy) album. 

Holy Grail would be cool for nostalgic reasons only and it could wear off.

Re-group docu would be the same, we don't even know how long this will last, If they'd break up in a year it would already be sort of dated you know.

CD box set etc. Could be very cool but I'd want to hear those songs live by the guys who wrote it.. not gonna happen. I don't need an Axl book, haven't read the others and while I would be most interrested in his book it still can't compare to why I'm a fan in the first place.. the music. Hanging out with Axl would certainly be a memory for life, but you know.. music.. 

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Can't choose between last two and even second is appealing.

Illusion documentary doesn't mean much in nowadays circumstances.


Voted for last one option. If CD2 is remade with 'new' guys it would be like new album.


Did you ever thought about making new album- would it be a happy one? Without anger and regrets we're used to?

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2 hours ago, janrichmond said:

i chose the holy grail,I've always wanted to see that stuff.

im a bit worried that any new stuff might be a bit CDish and thats not for me.



Old school footage for sure.. Not too crazy about the sounds of a new album with Melissa, Frank and Fortus.

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I would like everything except perhaps CD2 or remix; lunch in Axl's mansion is out of the question because 1 hour is nothing and they would probably have to call the cops to kick me out of there. :D 

Considering that I had to pick only one, I chose brand new album of course

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the Use Your Illusion stuff....theres some stuff on youtube that i imagine would be in the same vain as the documentary and it was little candid moments of the band

in one that made me laugh for a good 10 minute was they were on a bus going through customs and on this bus they had these little handle straps hanging from the roof and Slash got up on them like it may have been a sex chair or whatever and said "alright somebody do me" it was hilarious...i'd love to see a whole bunch of candid moments like that

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