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Any word on a Denver show? What gives?

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Feel free to move/delete if necessary, I've been around this forum for a while so I'm sorry for just throwing this post out there.

Am I the only one who is wondering why the hell Colorado is getting no love on this tour? They are seemingly hitting every pit of the country yet absolutely nothing out here...I'm pretty bummed.

Anyone heard anything about a potential show at Mile High?

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8 minutes ago, Carne_asaDA said:

There's no way Axl is going to want to sing in that altitude. You think his Mickey Mouse was bad in Vegas?? How about Mickey Mouse with helium at Mile High Stadium.

Lol @ "Mickey voice in Vegas"


On topic-

No word on further shows yet, but I'm sure the word will be spread far and wide as soon as something happens in Denver. 

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