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GNRs 20 most historic concerts according to Ultimate Classic Rock (with video!)

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for those of you who dont feel like clicking the link:

20- 6/6/85 (first show with classic lineup)

19- 11/22/87 (Atlanta show where Axl beat up a security guard and was arrested) 

19- 2/2/88 (The Ritz show...)

18- 8/20/88 (Monsters of Rock show where 2 fans died) 

17- 9/8/89 (MTV awards showwhere axl joined Tom Petty and the heartbreakers and Vince Neil punched Izzy... why the hell is this included..?)

16- 10/18/89 (Rolling Stones opening show where Axl calls out members of the band for dancing with Mr. Brownstone, tells the crowd this could be the last GNR show) 

15- 4/7/90 (Farm Aid show, last show with Adler) 

14- 6/2/91 (Fuck St. Louis....) 

13- 8/31/91 (Izzys last show with the band in London) 

12- 11/27/91 (Slash joins MJ on stage for MTVs 10th Anniversary Special. This was the first time these 2 performed together, and they would go on to perform many times in the future)

11- 4/20/91 (Freddie Mercury Tribute)

10- 8/8/92 (Montreal Riot) 

9- 9/9/92 (GNR mix up with Nirvana at the 92 MTV Awards, Guns play November Rain with Elton John)

8- 7/17/93 (GNRs last show with the illusions lineup)

7- 1/14/01 (RIR 3, first major performance of Axls new band)

6- Vancouver, Philly and the whole 2002 tour (Axl no shows the first 2 shows of the 2002 tour causing the promoter to pull the plug on the whole thing) 

5- 11/24/06 (Axl renames the Eagles of Death Metal the Pigeons of Shit Metal and kicks them off there 2006 tour) 

4- 4/14/12 (Former members of GNR are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame; Izzy and Axl no show) 


3- 6/7/14 (NU-GNR play there last show with members DJ Ashba, Bumblefoot, Tommy Stinson, and Chris Pitman) 

2- 4/1/16 (GNR with new/old members Duff, Slash, and Melissa Reese play a April Fools show at the Troubadour) 

1- i think i maybe high, but i only counted 19... 


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