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Poll: Frank's changes to "Better" after 1st solo. Preference?

Frank's changes to "Better". Preference?  

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He's now thrashing on the cymbals in the same pattern as Brain did on the demo, and jamming the kick pedal during the energetic riff part everytime the guitar strums. Which do you prefer? Also during the verse hes playing  on an always open hihat now instead of closed.


1st one is how it appears on the album (and how he played it live from 2006-2014)

2nd one is edited to reflect how hes playing it live now (2016)


Edited the album version to reflect how he plays it live.

It grew on me how hes playing it now, but in a live setting, its not letting the guitar riff shine, rather its masking it by having the kick drum kick whenever the guitar strums. 
Edited by Mendez
removed the 3rd sound bite.
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