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Frank is Badass (no disrespect to Matt or Steven)

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Hey I wanted Matt and Steven on this tour as much as anyone but I realize now that was just my nostalgia getting the better of me.  I had my doubts about Frank because he just didn't have the personality of a Brain or Matt but after watching the clips from Vegas he has won me over.  Check out his drumming on Estranged especially the fills on the transition from the soft slow parts into the heavy driving parts....also the martial military style drumming that Matt wrote (I'm assuming) are reproduced well but Frank puts his own spin on it - 



And he also kills it on Civil War and really shines during the transitions.  He's a technical beast but has feeling and groove.  I'm sold.




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I like Frank.  Steven is still my favorite but I feel like Frank is a good choice and he seems to have stepped up the energy of his drumming to give a more old school GNR feel.  

I don't we should count the Troubador Jungle goof as something major against him, people make mistakes and every GNR drummer has done so.  Frank IMO is a great fit for what GNR are doing now

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