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Official: Axl will join AC/DC for stadium tour/US dates


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Hell yeah! I know this is just speculation (especially coming from Brian) but this is very promising!

He said they are going to start recording in May and have talked about a 40- show tour for this year to commemorate their 40th anniversary!

They started recording Black Ice only 7 months before its release



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Would be awesome! I loved seeing AC/DC on the Black Ice tour! ^_^

I had tickets and couldn't go :( Hope to catch them this time round!

Shame man! I hope you'll get a second chance this time around. They're definitely worth seeing. Angus playing the super-extended Let There Be Rock solo alone is.
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I saw AC/DC on the ballbreaker tour in 95 or 96. My friend and I snuck into the back of our old hockey arena and took an elevator up to the stands. I bet tickets weren't even expensive but we were in high school & figured what's the worst that could happen? I remember it being a fun show. Some say AC/DC were on their last legs then as a live band so I can't see it being any better almost twenty years later.

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New album..meh.

New tour..hell yeah!

Exactly :P but, they're only gonna take out the two or three slots for "new song" and fill them with a couple from this album and keep the same setlist, like they've been doing since the razors's edge tour... They should play some different tunes this time.
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