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Axl/DC Roll Call


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AXL FN ROSE IS IN MY TOWN!!! Leipzig, Germany... That's a dream... oh wait its not Guns N' Roses :-( but I'm going anyway..  I got a 81 Euro ticket from eBay.. I can't wait..... I can't believe it.. Axl Rose in Leipzig. In MY TOWN!!!

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36 minutes ago, Italian girl said:

More or less!

A friend of mine found them For us on stubhub, I still ha ve some problems with the hotel, But I should solve them..

Are you looking in central London? Hotels may be a little cheaper nearer the venue.

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16 minutes ago, Italian girl said:

Can't find fees anymore and I have to wait - don't know what - to book!! :question:

Have you ever tried http://www.airbnb.com ? I use it when travelling around the world, no problems yet. If not, then you can probably find hostels a bit further away from the venue for reasonable prices, I know there are a few in my area (Queensway), then you can take a bus or a tube to/from the venue.

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52 minutes ago, Italian girl said:

I'LL take a look to your link, thanks! ;)

Don't wanna stay too far from the venue 'cause my friend is taking the train from Stratford station To go home and I don't want to walk alone to go back to the hotel...

Couldn't you stay with your friend?

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