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05/07/16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Passeio Maritimo De Alges


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23 minutes ago, KiernanProud said:

I just bought one on eBay for like $9 http://m.ebay.com/itm/AC-DC-TSHIRT-AXL-DC-Guns-N-Roses-AXL-ACDC-/201571680467?nav=SEARCH 


some good ones, as well as other cool fan made designs at redbubble.com but that's pricier 

Nice! If you got the one in the link, that's good enough for me. I did like this one at that other spot...


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7 hours ago, Freaka said:

For the fans who won't be able to go to the concert on Saturday, we'll try to stream some parts of the show through our Periscope.


Awesome. Thank you. Freaka might just be the new Fede. 


PS - don't forget to get extra batteries!

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Btwl What do you think Axl will be wearing for the concerts? I'm wondering whether he will be changing outfits as he usually does or whether he will be more of ac/dc dress code. I hope he'll come up to my expectations and will ride his scooter in a school uniform.....BRING BACK THE SHORTS!!! :headbang:

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23 minutes ago, Sosso said:



It's weird and funny to see Axl doing group shots. Since he didn't do any the last years with Guns except 1? 2 maybe?

Love it though. He looks great and in a very good mood. This is what happens when you play music with your heroes. Damn.. Can't wait.

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