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05/10/16 - Seville, Spain - Estadio De La Cartuja


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2 minutes ago, wasteofammo said:

Is this the last show w on the chair? Gotta get rid of that thing...

Well in the pre-Lisbon media run up Axl said they're only about halfway there with the foot so I guess not.

At this rate I'm psyched that London looks to be one of the first live gigs where he'll be on his feet and I'll get to witness in person something not even all who saw the reunited GN'R in April didn't i.e. Axl sans cast and chair 

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Okay, Spain is almost upon us - we need Periscope volunteers for tomorrow. Where is our next Fede/Freaka? Step up folks! You never know, after Duff' getting on the Lisbon periscope the last time, it might be Slash who's watching your live feed next ;).

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I think Axl's best chance to be out of the chair on stage is going to be in Germany in two weeks. 


If Axl was right then the boot should be coming off in the next week, but he's probably not going to be comfortable running and putting more weight on it for atleast two weeks. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see him stay in the chair until The last two shows or even until the GNR tour starts. Depends how fast he's healing though, the last thing he needs is a setback.

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