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05/29/16 - Berne, Switzerland - Stade De Suisse


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1 hour ago, jpduff said:

Nice orange eyebrows!

Haha - his hair does seem very blonde nowadays but those eyebrows, now those really are a shade of Trumpian Citrus fruit :lol:

28 minutes ago, Gordon Comstock said:

"My name is Axl, and we are not The Carpenters".

wtf :lol:

Lol, he said that?? Nice. It's cool to see him being comfortable enough to steal some of the spotlight and really assume 'frontman' status.

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3 minutes ago, Epson said:

Till that ' crack ' on 'tiiii..eee...iiiime' I thought he was doing quite well and not overdoing it - sort of singing within himself if you will. He may be holding it back a little.  But still, a pretty good performance for THAT song. Cross my fingers, he'll bring his A+ game for the UK shows.

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4 minutes ago, Epson said:

Sounded incredible there! One voice break but it wasn't as bad as a couple shows ago where every time he took his voice high it cracked. That was a very short and hardly noticeable one. We'll see how the other songs go, he's usually been good on Thunderstruck so tough to judge there.

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5 minutes ago, The Archer said:

It has to be said. Not everywhere can be like South Korea, but the wi-fi/internet penetration in the United States of Europe is quite disappointing. 

I hope that the Brits have good wi-fi.

It's very strange..

We hadn't any problem during the last european u2 tour..

A lot of good periscopes Every night, starting from my friends!!!!

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Just now, IncitingChaos said:

It's probably better we don't watch, I know I get overly critical looking for cracks and misses from Axl. Truth is he's still killing it and putting on great shows! 

True..but for me the weekends are the only time I can watch these shows live. But what can ya do? I will still wait here hoping for at least one more listen!

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