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06/04/16 - London, England - The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


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What a show! Angus alone would put on one of the best shows you'll ever see, but the band as a whole, with Axl, is out of this world.
Brief overview of my Axl/GNR fandom. I heard 'sweet child' on school radio in 2004 (I was 11), I went home and found the rock in rio 3 gig on youtube, I was hooked straight away. Spent the next year watching NuGNR videos and listening to the little bits of Chinese that we had heard at that time. Then I got listening to the whole catalogue and there haven't been many days in the past 12 years when I haven't listened to a GNR song. But mainly I was mesmerised by Axl, even his 2002 voice XD
With that being said Saturday would've been great for me regardless. One of the people coming to the gig with me was my mum who loves ac/dc and Brian but doesn't like GNR or Axl. So I was curious what she would think once it was all over. I watched a few of the first shows on periscope so I knew it was going well and sounding good but sometimes you just wait for that one show where its all gonna go wrong.
I didn't think much of the support act but the atmosphere was building up nice. Once that video started at 8:15 the next 2 hours or so flew by. You just get hooked by the whole thing. Axl was on fire and Angus is phenomenal. Guitar solos aren't really my thing but when you're there the Let There Be Rock solo just draws you in.
So after the show I ask for mums review. Her first words ... "I've been to so many concerts and never once have I seen anyone like Axl, he was amazing". For the first time I found myself not having to defend him to someone who isn't a big GNR fan. I feel sorry for Brian because while in my lifetime he is the AC/DC singer (the Bon material is the best though imo), he has been replaced by one of the greatest frontmen of all time, probably the greatest, and it will be hard for AC/DC to switch back from that if Brian can find a cure for his hearing problems.
One thing I would say and I think I read a comment where somebody else said similar, those moments when you're watching on youtube and you think that dirty deeds is bad because he uses a clean voice, couldn't be more wrong. They are some of the best songs, riff raff, 'rosie, tnt ... he pulled off every single song be it Brian or Bon. If you have a chance to get a ticket just do it, regardless of whether you're an AC/DC fan you will have a great time. Clean voice on GNR songs can be a whole different ball game though but he's got the control of his voice just right with AC/DC.
Chinese calendar 2016, the year of Axl Rose :P

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