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CD Songs in the Setlist

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It seems like in every show thread there's a debate over the songs from Chinese Democracy and their place in the setlist so I thought I'd make a thread for it. Do they belong? Which songs don't belong? Which songs do you think this lineup could do really well?

Here's something I posted in another thread:


In terms of the crowd, I think 2 or 3 CD songs is fine, but they need to be chosen carefully. CD is not the most live-friendly album.

For example, Better usually sounds pretty bad live. Axl just can't replicate that studio voice. When he's doing the verses live it doesn't even sound like a melody, he can hardly get through it and his tone just sucks. This song shouldn't be on the setlist, IMO.

TIL is fine, it gives both Axl and Slash their own good showcase spots.

ChiDem isn't that good of a song but at least it's a rocker and Slash makes it sound a bit more badass. Just due to the nature of the song it's not a total snorefest for people, so it can stay.

I think this band could do great things with Street of Dreams or Catcher, but those songs are on the softer side too and I think the setlist needs less of that. In my perfect world, KOHD would've been gone a long time ago to make room for those songs.

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It seems the same people clamoring for new material are the same ones complaining about the band playing CD songs, which is new to half the band and, unfortunately, a large percentage of the fans.

If the band were only playing the hits from the 1985-1993 era, people would be complaining about that too. Can't win.

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