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Red Dead Redemption 2


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1 hour ago, Wagszilla said:

I haven't bought a PS4 yet but I will very likely pick one up just for this game.

I'm very excited.

RDR is in my top 10 favorites of all time.

Agreed about the bottom two points. RDR is amazing, and this map is getting me giddy.

Nothing will get me giddy to the point of the GTA games, but this is seriously about as close as possible. Rockstar/Take Two are amazing at making these type of sandbox games.

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14 minutes ago, Wagszilla said:

I actually thought RDR was a better GTA than GTA last gen even though I loved IV and liked V.

But regardless, I too am hyped by the map, if a bit puzzled as a good chunk of the areas seem un-Western-y.


Eh...I can't really compare the two. Both are incredible in their own right, imo.

That being said, I wish there would be a LA Noire sequel with a different gameplay type. I doubt that'll ever happen (considering the production cycle of LA Noire), but would still love it if it did happen.

Hopefully the schedule is RDR 2 > GTA 7 (doubt that quickly) > LA Noire 2 (released by the time I'm in my 30's :lol: )

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3 hours ago, Wagszilla said:

Rockstar uses their RAGE Engine for their video games.

RDR was built using a make-shift version of the RAGE engine that was essentially like a beta of RAGE v2.5 (they don't do .5 versions, to help explain how shoddy it was).

The only way they would be able to make and release a remaster is if they upgrade the game from the bastard version of RAGE to RAGE v3.0 which they used on Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V (or RAGE v4.0 considering that's what they're probably using for RDR2).

In short, it's possible, but due to $$$, man hours, and R*'s propensity to avoid remakes/remasters, ultimately very unlikely. 

Good info, thanks! I remember it was pretty heavily rumoured at least. There could be the possibility of them simply porting it then, throwing it up on PSN/XBL for £20. Regardless, I can't wait to play through it again before the next game comes out.

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