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06/15/16 - Düsseldorf, Germany - Esprit Arena


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2 hours ago, Black Sabbath said:


i have to agree with "nope" .. but ..how the hell can you know ... but, you look at it from your own perspective ... being Angus ..

"here you are... this is yours if you want it it .. it works great, sounds awesome, feel fantastic, is fun fun fun fun, "...

I just cant reach any thought in my mind that can understand why it wouldnt continue..? ... the only one is that the sheer loyalty towards Brian is still there and that this is a ... in between things thing .... But then again ... i cant see that either.... looking at these guys age ... its now or never, as Elvis clearly stated... "come hold me tight..."  :) .... Brian recording and axl touring, as suggested scenario?.. i cant see anybody liking that one....

Angus retiring ac/dc ... noooooo...(pleeeeaaaassseee no) .... more touring after the us .. later, ? yes! ...wonder if Angus hasnt thought it would be cool to bring this back home.. to his backyard... let Axl come home with mr.A .... Australian tour that is ...

my personal hoping.... something to live and breath a bit for ... (lite sucks pretty bad now so...).... new record with Axl announced ti takeplace at sometime in the future....and touring with that .... lalalalal ... yup!! ... lets do that...

ps.  i hope Brian is ok .. doin good and life is wonderfull .... and... if he comes back .. welcome back old dude....i salute you ...lets go ..

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There is a few users showing in/around the arena on the Periscope-map. Not active right now but they might be streaming (parts of) the show. We'll have to wait and see

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