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09/11/16 - Buffalo, NY - First Niagara Center


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7 minutes ago, KiernanProud said:

At least he was man enough to admit that he was proven wrong. Good stuff.

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7 hours ago, KiernanProud said:

Good for him if he admitted he was wrong, but after reading the first article I don't care about this man's opinion on anything.

The skepticism (although it was more than that, it was prejudice, to say the list) about Axl's professionalism and his vocal abilities in 2016 was legitimate, but this:


That said, AC/DC is basically an incredibly heavy blues and primal rock ’n’ roll band, and both Johnson and his predecessor, the late Bon Scott, were bluesy and soulful in their delivery. Rose is more of a metal yelper. I hope I’m proven wrong, but at present, I hold no high hopes for his bringing anything resembling soulfulness to the party.

Brian Johnson "bluesy" and Axl a "metal yelper"? What was the guy talking about? It seems like he had never heard Axl sing.

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11 hours ago, TheDemocracyRose said:

Was this the best show by Axl? To me it is. That chainsaw voice destroyed everything.

Best I've ever heard him. I thought he sounded especially good. Not a single voice crack even on FTATR and hells bells and there was good rasp on dirty deeds and TNT which were the only ones he really struggled with. I especially liked the clean deep voice in the middle of sin city. To me he sounded better than 2010 (although I never went to those shows)

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