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Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

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13 hours ago, Alexpro said:



13 hours ago, Alexpro said:

I think this litho (two skeletons on a yacht) refers to Tallinn being a hub for the yacht racing and it actually hosted all sailing competitions during the 1980 Olympics.

This is my best guess as there's not that much going on in Estonia (not Latvia mate :)) otherwise. 



Well, my version is now up on lithorati - that was quick :)

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Got all the lithos from the shows I've been to so far up in my basement music room    

Thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. You know who you are

Maybe some of you would like to see a poster design that went unapproved.  I figure it would be fun to see.  This was supposed to be for the Vegas shows for tomorrow and Saturday.  Since there hasn't

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On 13/7/2018 at 1:08 PM, Mcs953 said:

Anybody who gets one, who wants to trade for a Madrid 2018, or fair cash offer, pm me.  Understand the work it takes into getting these as I have been to 4 shows.

I have no litho from Moscow but i will be interested in buy a litho from Madrid 18´ :) 

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6 minutes ago, Mcs953 said:

Another Russian litho up for sale, same seller, better pictures, wants 300 or best offer now, seems legit.



Defo looks legit.

If anyone is after a Moscow pls contact me, ideally after a MSG Axl / Slash, or London2 but will sell (and then buy) if nobody has spares.

Buhler signature is on arm on right hand side.

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12 hours ago, RageKage said:

Besides lithorati, is there any other proof Moscow is from buhler? He hasn't posted the design on his page yet

Buhler has slacked off in the past too.  There were times he was posting his designs as soon as they were unveiled, but then other times he plain forgot for months.  He still hasn't posted the rest of his AFD boxed set lithos, unless they don't want him to.


Besides.....artists.  They live in their own little worlds on their own time schedules.  They're not like the rest of us.

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1 hour ago, mdediegomartin said:

gnrmates!!!  Do you think lithographies wil be devalue or revalue over time? 

As it stands it depends on a host of things. The design, the print run, the print quality, the popularity of the area or city for hardcore guns fans. 

Some lithos, Mostly Europe and the 2016 ones when less people were buying and selling are going up, and are quite hard to get.

A lot of the US 2017 ones have come down since the gigs, especially the arena run where theyre more readily available online, and there were more scalpers. 

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So I’ve been in Pittsburgh this week for work and saw that Foo Fighters were playing last night. I bought a last minute stubhub ticket and went. Fantastic show! Downside: the 300 lithos for the show were gone by the time I got in. It’s a really cool design. I have really loved the GnR lithos to the point I try and get one for every show I go to that has them. Which made me wonder....

does every band that does them have die heads like those of us on this forum that constantly talk about and critique them?

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I was curious of that myself, I know Pearl Jam has a huge following and some of those can get pretty pricey. I'm wondering if the GNR hype is because of the 20 year absence or the die hard fans are grabbing them up as of late. Being a die hard myself If it's in my price range I'll grab it. Even if its a piece of shit in a top hat. DC is pretty horrid actually. It seemed to me at the shows I attended  people were buying the linthos as you would buy a T-shirt as a souvenir.  Most people especially from the 2016 leg I'm guessing don't realize what they have. 

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