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Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

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Got all the lithos from the shows I've been to so far up in my basement music room    

It's been a while, everyone. Hope you're all keeping safe. I've been keeping myself occupied throughout the pandemic and amongst other things, I completed a little pet project of mine that I though

Thank you to everybody who helped make this possible. You know who you are

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4 minutes ago, The Holographic Universe said:

How will you store these? Do you have any framed?

I have archival boxes designed to hold 18x24 documents and 24x36 documents. Those keep them protected for the most part, but naturally being an engineer and having an interest in design, I have designed my own frames that I will be getting a local craftsman to make for me. I will be framing at least 3 of them and will probably have a spare frame that I will use to regularly cycle through my collection so as they all get appreciated from time to time. I don't want them to just sit hidden away for the rest of eternity.

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24 minutes ago, owenstar said:

You got to meet Buhler? Thats awesome. Wish I could have said hello and grabbed a beer with you. Sounds like you had a great time. Hawaii was amazing.

Yeah I did! He is such a nice guy and I was flattered that he went out of his way to meet me; it was truly a highlight of not just my Hawaii trip but also the entire tour.

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On 12/14/2018 at 5:33 AM, Mcs953 said:

Truly an amazing accomplishment, some of these are almost impossible to find, getting them all is truly incredible.  I am sure armani japan is the only one who has the complete set, you can’t put a price tag on art this incredible.

I would imagine certain crew members or people close to the band possess a full set, but definitely impressive for a civilian.

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3 hours ago, amaninjapan said:

Some of the many things I've realized from these past couple years or so is that:

- The amount of people who are serious litho collectors is a lot smaller than us serious litho collectors seem to think. By 'serious' I mean, I don't know, people who have more than 20 or so lithos.
- The amount of serious litho collectors who want a complete set is an even smaller subset. I know quite a few people who have "all the 2016 lithos" or "all the Australian lithos" or "all the lithos they like" and have spent a lot of time and money getting them - but they have absolutely no desire to get them all.
- The amount of serious litho collectors who have the finances to make a complete set a reality is also a very small subset.

You know how we all know SOMEONE who has a weird collection? Someone who collects empty beer cans or Starbucks mugs or Beanie Babies or something. And you wonder what the appeal is? A lot of people even in the GNR fan community look at litho collectors the same way haha and I'll be the first to admit that I get why it's weird for a lot of people. Whenever the topic comes up with someone new to GNR lithos, I usually find myself chuckling and prefacing it with "Okay so hear me out, I know it's a little weird but..."

About the crew and the band's inner circle:

- It's not the same crew who worked on every leg of the tour so the amount of people who 'technically' might have the ability to collect lithos is probably smaller than you think.
- The amount of the crew/band who give a fuck about lithos is also probably very small and a lot smaller than you think.
- I've traded and given lithos to some of these people because they didn't get one themselves and without naming names, if these people, of all people, had to resort to getting lithos from me, clearly the potential for them to get their hands on lithos themselves is not what you might expect and/or lithos are not very high up on their list of priorities.

Iam a GNR die-hard, but with no new music, aside from the reunion, the lithos have been my favorite aspect of this tour. Every show day I would anticipate seeing the new litho. Additionally, many of these lithos are actual works of art, and almost all of them contain some creativity. I would only rate 30 or so as aweful. Personally I found your quest for a complete set interesting and the podcast you did was my favorite. I wound like to hear more about your quest. The podcast generated many questions I’d like to ask you. And , I want to personally thank you for your input to this thread. And officially apologize for fucking up with the Tulsa litho I sent you. I didn’t purchase a tube and regretted that decision. I do one question, where ever able to verify if Warpigs claim of unmubered lithos? Also, I’ve read in this thread multiple times that lithos numbered 1-20 have not been seen and it was assumed that such lithos went to crew,etc.

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I agree. With a lack of new music (which doesn't bother me as much as it bothers many other people), GNR not throwing out a deep cut or two and the setlist kinda being on automatic for all of 2018, the artwork was definitely something to look forward to.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask them. Not sure if I can answer them all nor can I guarantee I want to answer them all, but I'll do what I can.

I think that unnumbered lithos are a possibility but if they weren't sold at the venue then as far as I'm concerned, I have no interest in them because they're not part of the limited edition run. Most importantly however, the artists in nearly all instances have absolutely NO control over the actual printing of the lithos - so anybody claiming they have "Artist Proof" prints is either fluffing the truth or straight out lying. The ONLY exception are lithos like the Sara Ray variants because, well, because they're exactly that - variants - and other 'unique' printing situations like the Hatch Show Print lithos and possibly Jimbo Phillips' Sacramento. In those situations, the artist is involved with printing to a certain extent. But the normal procedure is that the artists submit a 'printable' file to Bravado and Bravado organizes the printing. Referring to any 'extras' as "Artist Proof" prints would be inaccurate and misleading. The artists aren't proofing these prints.

Generally speaking, it is understood that the band takes 20 or 30 'off the top' to hand to their VIP friends and guests. I've had reputable band crew and merch crew both mention it on multiple occasions and I'm pretty sure other litho collectors have heard crew say the same. Usually these seem to be, intentionally or unintentionally, the low numbers. This seems to be backed up by most peoples experiences because the lowest numbers almost NEVER end up being put up for sale on Ebay etc. However, there are definitely exceptions. I've traded with a couple of people in the band's inner circle a couple of times and even though one of them was a super low number, the other ended up being a very middle-of-the-road number and I know that person got that litho from the band's personal stack. On the flipside, at least a couple of my lithos are numbered in the teens and I personally bought those from the merch stands myself so just because you have a low number, it's no guarantee that that used to be a band stack litho.

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3 hours ago, amaninjapan said:

No I am not. I have asked around through numerous channels and as far as I can tell, nobody is as stupid as me! :lol:

Nah....you are not stupid! I am amazed at your dedication. Seriously....the amount of hard work and patience to get each and every single litho. WOW! Be proud! :)

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1 hour ago, marlingrl03 said:

Nah....you are not stupid! I am amazed at your dedication. Seriously....the amount of hard work and patience to get each and every single litho. WOW! Be proud! :)

I agree. You went on a quest you never expected and made new relationships, met Arian, attended more shows than you probably would have attended without the quest. 

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