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It's on! Deadland Ritual, the new supergroup featuring former Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, ex-Guns N' Rosesdrummer Matt Sorum, Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens and Apocalyptica and Scars on Broadway vocalist Franky Perez, will be hitting the road.

The band just announced a European tour that currently would be the first shows that the group has played. The trek launches June 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark and continues through the month, culminating the weekend of June 21-23 at the Hellfest in Clisson, France.

The group recently released their first song and music video with the track "Down in Flames." Have a look and listen to the clip below, and if you like what you hear, the song is available here.

As for the upcoming dates, the band is expected to play a mix of original material along with deeper cuts from their previous bands' pasts. "[It won't be] the typical songs you expect," adds Sorum.

"I was working on a new solo album when this came to light," Butler notes. "It was appealing for me to work in a band environment because that's what I'm used to, so [it] feels really natural. I'm really looking forward to playing shows with these guys."

Deadland Ritual 2019 Tour Dates

June 4 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Amager Bio
June 5 - Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller
June 6 - Sölvesborg, Sweden @ Sweden Rock Festival
June 10 - Berlin, Germany @ Kesselhaus
June 11 - Hamburg, Germany @ Markthalle
June 14-16 - Donnington, U.K. @ Download Festival
June 17 - Tilburg, Netherlands @ 013
June 18 - Paris, France @ Trianon
June 19 - Pratteln, Switzerland @ Z7
June 21-22 - Vitoria, Estonia @ Azkena Festival
June 21-23 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest Festival


Matt should be in GNR instead of Frank



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16 hours ago, SAU3R said:

What did he write? 

Since I don't follow him i'll quote what he said:


 “@dagmar_sle ask that dude @slasharmyuk. He prolly couldn’t tell you what his own daughter ate but knows what underwear Slash has on today. FYI fuck Raj.” 

“@the_califonian_adventurer I’m going to@make a point to have this dude banned from every going backstage he’s a fucking ass lickers. Fuck Raj and @slasharmyuk.”

“FUCK RAJ @SLASHARMYUK HE DONT KNOW IVE BEEN TRAINING MARTIAL ARTS EVER SINCE I ARIVED TO JAPAN 5 years now. He gonna play with his daughter from a wheelchair for the rest of his life.”


@janrichmond sorry I forgot we can't post from there :facepalm:

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Ash actually comes out as funny and disrespectful.

Fanboy = ment to be a diss at someone who devoted part of his life to promote Slash (Ash's brother)?  Ment to diss ppl who support his brother?


Well guess what?


a) w/o the fans any musician out there would be = 0!  Who is buying albums, tickets, magazines promoting them, merch?

b) Ash should accept that he doesn't own Slash in any shape or form. Nobody will steal his brother from him.  He should grow up and act according to his age.  Furthermore, not be frustrated with ppl supporting his brother, but support the ones that support his brother and appreciate them.  I was with him when he went on the rant regarding the current line up, but this is a misshit and makes him look like a spoiled brat.


p.s. I thought he partially designs the stuff Slash releases?  ie. he is spitting on the ones that partially feed him.

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Just giving my professional opinion as Im also a designer: Ash is terrible at it. He probably get jobs because he's Slashs brother. 

Slash is a thousand years ahead of his brother on what comes to art (or at least used to).

A thousand bucks for a print of Ashs work? No, thanks. 

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