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Unofficial GNR Social Media Update / Discussion

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13 minutes ago, MaskingApathy said:

I've met him, he didn't have to introduce himself because I already knew who he was lol. And I think DJ is his initials.

👍if he introduced himself as DJ rather than his first name, would laugh if that is how the convo would go.

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On 7.07.2020 at 6:49 AM, baje said:

Oh God every now and then I wonder about that :lol:

Just now and then? :D

On 7.07.2020 at 2:18 AM, Sydney Fan said:

Well its probably no more perverse than the bondage whipping setup that perla tried to sell as part of their divorce. I wonder if anyone bought it?

Bondage is not a perversion. To me. :slash:

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I’ve still got a poster of that first photo, except it’s in color... it’s been hung in dorm rooms, a frat house, a few shitty apartments, garages.. now it spends retirement in a cardboard tube (with another appetite era poster, a few Iron Maiden’s, Paulina poriskova and other 80s poster treasures)... 

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10 minutes ago, Gunsdrummer63 said:

Did anyone else see Duffs Instagram story? Idk who the other guy in the photo is but he looked a lot like Izzy 

it's Sean Kinney the Alice in Chains drummer


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4 hours ago, avahland said:

Not just "driving around"..... at that very moment he was driving home with the new songs after he got them, wasn't he ?

Yeah, right... exciting times..👍

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