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Wacky World of The Ominous Ninja Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

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25 minutes ago, cindy1985 said:

Bring my boy back with his boots and his rojo pantalones please!!stop torture me:shock:

Is it really THAT bad? :lol::lol: I mean I'm not a fan of those shoes either - not at all but you gotta be joking haha

If yes, you're doing your job. Just out of likes.

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@Kris_1989 Feb. 21 1993:

hello, guys!  i  wanted to thank you all for your interest in 'winterblossom is dead'!  it took me a little while to find the masters as i hadn't thought about that album in years! it was a nice str

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9 minutes ago, Fourteenbeers said:

More reposting of "great" pictures of Izzy. My personal favorite, that mustache though, I still don't like it.. 

Izzy Stradlin

There was another one of these where he was shoving that fry (or whatever it is) up his nose, but I couldn't find it. Which is a shame. 

Where’s the pic when he puts a french fry / chip up his nose? :facepalm::rofl-lol:

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1 hour ago, Dusty Bone said:


Herrre you arrrrre. Very great picture XD

I just found it (page 251 on this thread)... but you beat me to it...  :lol:

Maybe he is shoving coke up his nose with that fry. 

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On 24/08/2018 at 2:44 PM, SerenityScorp said:

whot petition

(I know everybody’s fed up of the petition but I can’t let this opportunity pass without responding - we need every last signature before we close the petition.)

So, @SerenityScorp - there’s a petition online asking our Izzy to consider playing a solo concert. It started in July and has got to about 1,824 signatures, and we’d like to push it to 2,000 and then close it. Please do add your name and email address (no-one will see it), it doesn’t cost anything, and it’s our best hope at present of reaching Izzy. 

Maybe (probably) this petition won’t work, but at least we will have tried. And perhaps it will create the way to make something else happen (a new song, new video, who knows).

Here’s the link to the petition (if you’re on Twitter or Instagram, look for the hashtag #Izzyconcert2018 to see the international media coverage about it):


Thank you x

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3 minutes ago, Izzyryu said:

Doesn't seem to be any interest at that price though. Damn shame, because I've got one and could really use the money.

I also have this shirt (in better condition too) and could also use the money.... but a) I would never sell it and b) trying to sell it for $/£775 more than they paid for it? Disgraceful. I hope the moths get it before anyone pays that much for it. 

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