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Meaning of Dreams

BlueJean Baby

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Does anyone know or have any info about what dreams mean? I have had the same dream for the last three nights and it's kinda weird and freakin' me out.

My Norwegian Elkhound, Cody, was killed by lightning in 2010. For the last three nights, I have had vivid dreams about going outside, calling his name, he comes running to me, and I feed him. It keeps going over and over until I wake up.

Any idea or info on what this means? I tried looking it up online but nothing makes sense.

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Maybe you are thinking about Cody too much. 

Usually dreams are basically dreams, my best friend died in 2008,  I do see him randomly in my dreams knowing that he is not alive, I don't think about him everyday, but I do see him and in the dream I know that in reality he is no more.

Another thing happened with my aunt, people won't believe me, but my aunts mother in law was a horrible person, she was always bad to my aunt, when she died, my aunt kept on seeing dreams about her mother in law getting crushed and asking for forgiveness, she saw same dream 7 times in a row, then well my aunt forgave her and after that she din't see the dream. 

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I have had several dreams about an ex boyfriend that died, including one where I asked him why he had to die and he said I'm not dead.

But this is strange, I haven't been thinking about Cody lately. And I really didn't give the dreams much thought until it kept going over and over last night. I get a strange feeling it's some kind of message or something. I woke up feeling very uneasy about it. :shrugs:

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