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Not In This Lifetime Lithograph Archive (no discussion, just pics)

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All of our lithograph archiving needs have been met by a mystery man known only as the Lithorati.

Go to the site  http://lithorati.com/   for the internet's best and most complete collection of images of all of the incredible lithographs from the NITL world tour starting in 2016.

I have enjoyed attempting to make the "definitive" resource here for the last year or so, but my resources (and artistic skills) were pretty lacking.

It was fun, but this new site is definitely what I was hoping to achieve.





Thanks again to everyone that helped out or enjoyed using my thread here as a resource.  It'll remain here as long as mygnrforum and imfur are around.  I had fun....I love these lithographs....and let's hope we get some more amazing images in 2018 and beyond!!!






In this thread we can attempt to have a definitive archive of all of the images on the lithographs for the NITL tour.

The best looking ones were done by artist Arian Buhler and large, unobscured jpegs were available from his instagram account.  For the rest of the lithos that he didn't do, I grabbed people's pictures from other threads and from ebay auctions.  Most of these pictures are bad, but in the interest of being complete, I'll include them here.  I tried to clean them up using archaic Windows Paint but I have to stress that I didn't put much effort into it and they still look bad.   If there are better images out there please let me know!

Also, there are surely some missing like Coachella week one.   If you find any missing pics or have better pics than in this thread, please let me know and I'll update the posts!  Thanks to everyone who posted pics that I probably stole to use in this thread!


Troubadour, Los Angeles CA


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Lima, Peru


Santiago, Chile



Rosario, Argentina



Buenos Aires, Argentina


Porto Alegre, Brazil



Sao Paulo, Brazil


Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil


Curitiba, Brazil


Brasilia, Brazil


Medellin, Colombia


San Jose, Costa Rica



Mexico City, Mexico


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