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Anyone one have any suggestions for effective VPNs?


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Say I want to watch Netflix videos from a different country or download torrents blocked in my country.

Anyone one have any recommendations for a VPN that works for you personally (doesn't matter if it requires a subscription if it works)?

The general free things you find on google tend not to be very effective. In the case of let's say netflix, there's no point in being able to get to the US or Japanese version if it just blocks you anyway.


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I believe StrongVPN is marketed as a Netflix compatible service: https://strongvpn.com/

PIA (privateinternetaccess) used to work, got blocked and now works again (usually): https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ 

The reality is that it is Netflix cracking down on the VPNs by blocking IP addresses from known VPN providers.
VPN providers can only do so much to mitigate this - buying new IP address ranges isn't cheap and it's very easy for Netflix to block them again.

I'm not advocating piracy here - but once they clamped down, I cancelled my subscription and went back to illegal streaming. The Australian Netflix library isn't very good. :shrugs: 

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