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Happy Birthday Melissa!!

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Happy birthday melissa.  If u read this do yourself a favor and dont pay atention to the negative coments.  Youre a great musician, a very underated singer and u do a great job up there.

Nice to have u onboard with the greatest band on earth. 


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13 hours ago, auad said:

Are you nuts guys?

Happy birthday? WTF?

The girl is the worst choice for GNR...ever!

Absolutely right.b

Who wants her in the band? WTF

Couldn t care less. Gnr is AFD 5 plus dizzy if anyone else. 

No sense having her. Only wasted salary to be paid

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8 minutes ago, maynard said:

Happy birthday Melissa Pitman.

Excuse me, but I know you didn't use her full name just because you don't like women:

It's Happy Birthday Melissa Reese-Pitman-Ashba :lol:

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