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"Slash & friends" to play the LA Zoo on May 20th.

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How big are the chances that Slash will be on stage with the Conspirators? I think Todd and Myles are on tour (?) but it would be only for one day anyway ...

EDIT: Nevermind, i read who the guests will be on stage ...

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According to Billboard:

"The show is produced in partnership with Citi, Live Nation and NextVR and is part of the larger "Backstage with Citi" concert series which rewards card members with access to thousands of events annually. In addition to Slash's zoo performance broadcast in virtual reality, fans will have access to watch VR behind-the-scenes footage, an interview with the guitarist and  his rehearsal.

Fans can go here for additional details on the concert and can visit Citi Private Pass for more information on the virtual reality concert series. "


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