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On 9/13/2020 at 12:24 PM, bucketfoot said:

Dominic Grieve just been on radio airing his Grieve-ances.... David Gauke the other day. It's the usual suspects popping up time and time again isn't it? *sigh*

I've almost got a full house in Remoaner bingo.

Here’s your boy today being utterly humiliated by fucking Ed Milliband of all people. 


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Says you? Your entire argument seems to revolve around fish and getting fucked up the arse! You’re the political equivalent of a Led Zeppelin after show party.  

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44 minutes ago, Ace Nova said:

In fact, the study doesn't say our striking handsomeness was only beaten by our rugged manliness, it simply says people were so entranced by us they joined our forces resulting in the ranks of the vikingr soon containing smaller, browner and weaker men, too. It also says that while the Swedish vikings tended to become diluted, the Norse and Danes have remained more pure and that our appearance is closer to how the vikings must have looked. 

And I believe we have a thread dedicated to the awesomeness if the Norse already, no need to put this in a thread for our vanquished thrells. 

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24 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:



The woke brigade are inherently blowing a gasket over Greta's. Pitched Priti wrong in my opinion. I would have had her as a dominatrix type - isn't this just a reprise of Michael Howard's?


Wouldn’t your idea just be a retread of Norman Tebbit? 

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