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On 5/8/2021 at 5:20 AM, willl said:

I voted SNP :)

I was born in England so obviously have nothing against anyone English. I'd just like to live in a country that isn't ruled by a Conservative government.

You shouldn't have to qualify that just because you don't want Scotland to be governed from London or by a party that hasn't won an election here in nearly 70 years doesn't mean that you have any prejudice against people from England, just a recognition that collective political culture in both countries is becoming increasingly incompatible :) . I think there's plenty of electoral evidence to back that up!

I voted SNP on the local ballot and Green on the regional list, and pretty much got the Parliament I hoped for. A pluralistic, left-of-centre, pro-independence majority. 

I agree about 80% with the SNP's politics, but in some ways they're a bit too cautious and centrist for me. The Greens are more radical, particularly when it comes to climate change and challenging neoliberal policies like market deregulation, the dismantling of the welfare state by the Conservatives in Westminster, the privatisation of public services etc. . I'd say they're a 90-95% match with my own politics. Hopefully the fact that the SNP will have to rely on them to pass laws (and support for independence) will allow the Greens to get more of their lefty politics implemented and also keep the SNP on their toes, as four terms in office can start to breed complacency (or worse, cronyism/corruption) in a party.

I know all the media focus was on whether or not the SNP would receive an overall majority (which they missed out on by one seat) but because of the way the system works in Scotland, this is really a false narrative, or at best a narrative with caveats that none of the news outlets were making particularly clear. If you do 'too well' in the Constituencies, then the List vote is formulated to cut back your representation so that Parliament is more 'proportional'.

Basically, the SNP got more votes this year when they won 64 seats than they did in 2011 when they won 69 seats, but then, they were in a 'Goldilocks zone' where the number of constituencies they won didn't cause their regional seats to be cut down.

The election was a comprehensive victory for the independence movement and the mental gymnastics being put forward by unionists to try and deny that have been pretty funny to watch.

17 hours ago, BrayWyatt said:

The SNP are a bunch of nationalist cunts, an embarrassment to the country.

Give me Nationalist cunts over Tory cunts any day of the week.

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8 half naked men in a hot tub. Seems pretty Greek to me.

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Speaking of Tory cunts... The UK home office conducted a raid on homes in the south side of Glasgow, aiming to take some immigrants to a detention centre with a view to deporting them. Hundreds of local people blockaded the street and would not allow the van containing the detainees to move.

r/Scotland - People Make Glasgow

They were eventually forced to release them. Power to the people!


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1 hour ago, downzy said:

Not a great start for GB news in the UK:


They got a Mike Hunt in too. 😂

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14 minutes ago, ToonGuns said:

I remember listening to Talk Radio years ago when they read out an email from an "Ivan Ardon". Gold, pure gold. Was in stitches.

This is my all time favourite. 😂


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1 minute ago, Dazey said:

This is my all time favourite. 😂


Yeah brilliant. I've heard that before but always hilarious. You can picture some pissed / stoned students sat around with nothing better to do absolutely loving it when their text gets read out.

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