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Canter's Reno NV

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this is an article with a pic of the building where the exciting news of Canter's Reno NV is soon to open! M

ore news coming as fast as can be :)

Eldorado Resorts shows off $50M upgrade plan

By Ben Deach | 



RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Over the next three years, you will be seeing quite a few changes in three of Reno’s most well-known casinos. It’s the next order of business for Eldorado Resorts, which recently acquired the remaining 50% of the Silver Legacy, and the all of Circus Circus Reno.in addition to expanding its national outreach to ownership of 20 casinos.

“Eldorado Resorts is in great exciting times right now,” said General Manager Glen Carano. “So it was very easy to see that we were going to invest in Reno. We are investing over $50 million in the facilities in downtown Reno.”

Upgrades will be made to more than 4000 hotel rooms in the three properties, and casino carpet will be improved.

Downstairs at Eldorado, additional seating, a larger dance floor, and an island bar will be added to Bar Centro.

Upstairs, the fountain of fortune will undergo cosmetic enhancements, and near that, construction is already underway of a “Hidden Pizza,” which will be added near Brew Brothers, serving pizza by the slice during the evening hours.

In the Silver Legacy, the sports book has been completely renovated, and is now operated by William Hill.

A Canter’s Deli will open this fall, and Rum Bullions island bar will also be refreshed with an updated look.

And the experience in Silver Legacy’s dome will soon be more memorable:

“We are looking at putting a big interactive 3D projection show that you may have seen at the summer Olympics at Brazil,” said Carano. “It’s that kind of show that we are looking at doing on the dome that will be a must-see experience.”

And at Circus Circus, the sports book is also getting revamped as a William Hill book, the towers will be lit up with the latest in LED lighting technology, and Carnival Midway will be revamped into a more whimsical European theme.

The Circus Circus buffet will also be completely revamped into a casual food court, which will feature a number of fresh, high-quality, brand name eateries new to Reno.

For a complete list of renovations, click here.

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