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Dan H.

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Oh man, where do I start…

The summer of 2008 was the Sex Thread Era. I believe we have a permanent and lasting record of which posters here are circumcised. :lol:

I'll never forget Adrianna Smith joining, trying to promote her book while pretending it wasn't her.

And those blueberry-scented candles in a square tin. 

Also when a certain person was pretending they were a mechanic from New York called Caspian.

Those were the glory days. *wipes tear* 


EDIT: Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the sex thread era. How about we resurrect it?  Now that we've all actually had sex. :P 


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1 minute ago, Gracii Guns said:

I'm going to add that there's a serious lack of forum relationships than before. No more forum weddings, forum engagements (there have been at least two, but I think one was broken off). :( I loved a bit of "who's dating who" gossip in the PM system. 

Isn't Lithum and BS still a thing? :lol: 

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1 hour ago, AtariLegend said:

In my opinion. Axl had a point.

She might have had a large part in building the forum, but she was still posting nonsense as facts. Nonsense that got picked by some sections of the music media as fact.

I dont care if you've got a point, givin' it to a girl like that, especially who you are and what you are and how that person can't touch you on no level, thats just a pussy move, i dont even fully know the in's and outs, its just fuckin'...an ugly thing to behold.  And if you really got to make your point whats difficult about just goin' 'yeah, thats wrong', why you gotta be a fuckin' bellend about it?  What, cuz you think it makes you look hard?  The mans laughable.

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