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Yeah, thank goodness Sonny is alive but I think he lost his memory. lol Everyone else thinks he's dead. I knew he wasn't dead.

I'm worried about how crazy Cyrus is going to get now if he thinks Sonny is dead and his mother is missing. Carly wants to be involved now. Jax will take Joss away for sure.

Okay, tell me Liam isn't so damn annoying on Bold. If I was Hope I would leave him. What a complainer, It's all about me me me. lol

Steffie told Finn I think he may have to think about this and best of all they don't know about the baby! OMG! lol

I also can't tand Zoe. So glad Zende talked Paris into taking the job. And Carter has to get a clue because Zoe won't marry him.

I like Steffie and Finn, but who knows?

John Reilly who used to play secret agent Sean died at age 86. He was Robert's pal and partner back in the 80's. He was also married to Tiffany. My mom remebers thos days. lol Luke and Laura and Robert and Holly and then Tiffany. They all were together in many ways. lol

Sorry to hear of his death.

I think Brando and Sasha would make a good couple.

I can' t believe Alexis still won't change her lifestyle

Stay well.

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Well he comes back to GH from time to time. Hopefully soon since Anna is still on GH

Well, you have an awesome time. Too bad you weren't coming to Dallas we maybe could have met for dinner. Just message the board whenever you can. Take care and have a wonderful vacation. Yea

Anna is coming for you Alex! lol Poor Nel. Hope she doesn't need a new kidney because no one in PC will give her one. Sonny sleeping around yet again. What is with these women? Lulu get

Your comment about Liam made me laugh- he has always been a whiny little bitch lol, but yesterdays groveling to Hope was pathetic! Soooo many fans think he is the just the wimpiest cry baby. Oh man, I dont think Finn is going to take the news well about Steffie cheating, since he was just ok with them kissing! and then to find out shes pregnant. You know he will demand a paternity test. I have to admit I am loving the drama of it all haha. 

I feel like GH is testing the waters with new couples- Sam and Dante? Brando and Sasha? Jason and Britt? It will be curious who really ends up with who.

It was nice seeing Max again as the angel. I will be looking forward to Sonny coming home and everyone being so shocked and happy, especially now that they thin he has died. 

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I know I saw part of Bold today and Liam is still crying. It's like it's all about him. I liked that Hope told him drinking is not an excuse. I did see some of Steffie telling Finn about her and Liam. Have to see what he does? Also about the baby. I know soaps do these kinds of stories so well.

Glad Paris is telling Zoe where to go!

Well, today was the first time in a week that GH was not interrupted by news or some politician talking.

A few days last week I missed the last 5 minutes and the beginning of yesterday's episode so I didn't know Sonny was alive until half hour into the show. Had to see the first half on line.  Honestly, don't care of TJ and Molly lol Sad to say.

Ava is taking advantage of Sonny's "death". I do hope he remembers who he is or someone recognises him soon. I hate when everyone thinks Sonny is dead and seeing them grieve for too long.

Yeah, I agree about seeing some maybe pairing of new couples. Guess time will tell.

I just want Alexis to get her shit together. I hate seeing her act like this.

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21 hours ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

I know I saw part of Bold today and Liam is still crying.

Yeah he will be crying for awhile, especially TODAY when he tells Hope that Steffie is pregnant. OMG, she will lose her mind!

I like Paris and super glad she took the job, if Zoe is not going to give anyone reasons why Paris should not work there, then she needs to keep her trap shut. Like for real. 

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Well, Days and GH were both off today due to Congress and the impeachment trial. Trump isn't going to get impeached, so this is another waste of time.

Well, I think Liam and Hope are done. How can she get over if he's the father of Steffie's baby. I think Finn is very forgiving, and I think even if Liam's the father, they might make it work. First thing Steffie should do is take down that photo of her and Liam. Come on!

And Zoe is a jealous bitch. I'm glad her sister Paris is sticking up for herself and keeping the job. And I still say Zoe won't marry Carter and if she does, it won't last. lol

Days never skips an episode so I'll have to check online to watch it. GH is about 3 days behind now due to all the government interruptions. It's really annoying me now, because Congress doesn't have any idea what the fuck to do and since Biden will be sworn in next week, let it go. I'm worried about the crazies out there who might start a war next week.  I think either way even with Biden as President, the Congress is still made up of dummies who don't give a shit about Americans. They should be focused on getting those vaccines out to all of us and another stimulus package so people can pay their bills and feed their families.

You take care. 

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Someone posted on youtube.com that Billy Miller (Drew) is coming back to GH.  It will most likely happen before Peter and Maxie get married and possibly that might be the end of Peter August. OH well.

I was able to watch Bold today. And Days on youtube.com I think GH didn't air at all today. Hopefully, it'll be on tomorrow and Brick returns. I love that guy.

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Really? Wow, Drew coming back? after the awful way they kind of ended his character??? Huh, I don't know about that one- he must really need work I guess. I just am not happy with them firing Lulu and Julian because of so called Budget but then they can bring him back. yeah, if this turns out to be true, that is very shitty of GH.

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I know I saw it on a soap rumors on youtube.com so it might not be true. you know how that goes.

Anyway, saw Bold today and loved Finn telling Liam where to go. Hope is right about Steffie too. I do hope the baby's Finns, but who knows how they will play it?

And Zoe trying to pressure Zende to admitting he has feelings for her. And if she just started dating Carter when Zende returned, why accept a marriage proposal that soon? She's just doing this because Paris wants to get with Zende.

And Steffit needs to take that picture down of her and Liam.

I know divorced people with kids and you don't have to be with your ex partner everytime he gets the child. Liam is always at Steffie's house and that's not the way things work. A child has to learn your parents will always love you, but won't be together either.

Anyway, GH was great, but Sonny has to get his memory back fast before all of PC goes down in flames. Cyrus will continue to go up against the other families and proabably frame Jason so they will go after Jason and Sonny's turff. What a mess.

Enjoy your weekend. We're having another cold front. lol It's not too bad except the wind is terrible today.

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Oh man, loved what Finn said to Liam!!!! Everything he said to him was absolutely spot on. And Zoe? Ugh...damn girl should have never accepted Carters proposal. He is going to be devastated. And if Zoe and Zende start dating....hella awkward. And for Paris...they all work together! 

Good GH. Yeah, hope they don't drag this Sonny amnesia storyline out too far. I'm glad that Sam is talking to Alexis...one day at a time. But Ned will be so pissed to learn how Tracy set up Alexis.

Ha! And yeah I heard about your cold front from my brother in San Antonio. Even though he was born in AK, he still can't take the cold lol. :lol:

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I know it's funny when Texas says a cold front is here and it's in the 50's.  Being born in New York, I love the 50's here because it's not very cold to us. it was sunny and mild yesterday.

I know Finn was spot on for sure. I agreed with everything he said. And Hope I don't know her character very well, but she was right too. I mean come on, Steffie don't drink when the other guy is hurting and getting drunk. Honestly, I don't take being drunk or high as an excuse. And I really hope Steffie takes that picture down.  

I know the whole Sonny can't remember has to end very soon. Hate it. He lost his memory before and got involved with another woman. I forgot how his lost his memory that time, at least he wasn't shot again. lol

I loved Brick and Jason working together. Steven A Smith is so damn funny when he does his sports show, so i totally love him.

I hope Sonny shows up before they do a funeral for him. lol

And what are the changes that nurse was Nina's nurse and was in Port Charles for a bit. Hope something jogs Sonny's memory.

You know Cyrus killed the Novak gang just to start a mob war. I think the man is mental. He's fine one minute and nuts the next.

Jason is right not to give him back his mother. She's better off away from him.

No soaps are on Wednesday for Biden. At least we won't miss anything. GH is a repeat unless ABC does show Biden. It's weird that my tv grid just shows CBS and NBC and ABC has repeats of the tv shows.

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the Y&R and Bold are having a cross over episode, but since I don't watch Y&R, I didn't really know much. I do know Bill used to be on the Y&R and the girl was Victor's daughter, so I guess they are working together. Still with Liam, Finn, Steffie and Hope. lol  What's up with Steffie's lips? Too much filler.

Sonny was a bad ass today, but I want him back in PC. Hope he remembers soon, before there is a mob war and he misses it. 


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Yeah Steffie and Sam both have huge lips now....they probably go to the same doc lol. I wonder how long it.will be till we know who the baby daddy is. I do hope its Finns but I am sure it will be Liams so there is more drama. 

I really want Sonny back in PC too! I thought him acting all mob like would jog his memory, but nope And! And good for Joss for reminding Ava her role that she played in Morgans death. She has come a long way but we must not forget all that Ava has done. 

Hope you are having a good weekend. Just 2 more days till TRUMP is gone!!!

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I just realized today after watching my 3 soaps that there is a character on each one that has cheated on their wives. lol I guess that's a popular story.

Yeah, I do hope it's Finn's baby too, but everytime they ask Steffie who she wants the father to be, she hesitates. lol

Well, now Thomas knows what Liam has done. Also how many times is Liam going to say the same stuff? It's like all about him. lol

No Sonny today. Now Franco is hearing stuff about Drew so maybe the rumor is right that Drew is coming back.

There are no soaps on tomorrow for Biden.

Yeah, hopefully Trump will just leave quietly and there won't be anymore riots. Washington DC is like a ghost town and I would hate for there to be any violence tomorrow. We need to get on and try to be better and hope Biden can do what he says he wants to do.

My weekend was quiet. The weather was very nice and mild. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

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Yeah I think Steffie is lying to herself and to Finn- she wans Liam to be the baby daddy. I know it. and Hope knows it too. Now that Thomas knows, he will have it out with Liam. Can't wait. Be ready to watch the sniffling baby cry again lol. Such a pathetic guy. 

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I know Liam has been crying for weeks. I saw a little today have to watch it later on, but Liam told Wyatt. lol

Steffie and Finn are still talking. I don't know how anyone gets any work done, but all the soaps are like that. lol

GH was good, but no Sonny today. I hope he remembers himself soon or someone goes to Jersey and sees him.

I don't want Carly doing a funeral, but then again, Sonny might remember then and come home during his funeral. It's happened before. lol

Wow, we have a new President now. Feels very good.

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OMG! I forgot that Sonny is bi polar and today he was up and cleaning like a mad man. The nurse thinks he has a mental disorder so I hope she tests his blood and he gets his lithium or all hell will break lose. Bi Polar patients off their meds doesn't end well.

Anyway, have a good weekend.

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Yeah I would think checking for anything would be a given, but this is GH Land lol, where nothing is done normally. 

I really liked the scenes with Olivia and Ned and everyone else....the truth had to come out. I wonder if she will forgive Ned for sleeping with Alexis. She does not like to be lied to!

Hope you have a good weekend too!

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I know Olivia isn't a push over so not sure how this will go. I do love Liv with Ned but I think she and Robert have good chemistry too.

Not sure what Michael and Willow will do. I think Sasha and Brando might make a good couple too. Michael and Willow aren't a good match for me. She had more chemistry with Chase. Not sure who Michael is good with right now? lol

Yeah, Sonny is in the manic part of his illness. I forgot about his bi polar for a minute and how long has he been without his meds? I do hope the nurse figures it out or Sonny might do something drastic if he gets ticked off.

Wyatt and Liam were funny together when Liam told him about him and Steffie. I do like how Thomas talked with Hope. I think he might be a better match for her. I do like Steffie with Finn, but she has to be honest.

I'm hating Zoe right now. I hope Carter catches them. lol Ridge is thinking something is up too.

It's a lousy rainy day here will stay in order some food and watch some tv. 

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

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Yeah I also like how Thomas is with Hope....he is not acting like his crazy obsessive self and maybe he is back to a more normal sane self. Time will tell. I love Wyatt. He tells it like it is...wish he had more scenes than cry baby Liam haha.

I dont like Willow and Michael at all. Yuck! They are best as friends for dang sure. I just want her back with Chase already. Getting impatient....come on Willow!

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Well, Willow and Michael signed the annulment papers today, finally. Yeah, to me they don't have any real chemistry together.

Yeah, Wyatt is funny. He used to be on Days when he was younger. I've always liked that actor. 

Well, I think the nurse has figured out that Sonny/Michael is bi polar, but he's disappeared. I love how Maurice is acting in this new role, but I really hope it doesn't go on for very long. I want him back in PC and get help there. I hope Carly doesn't have a funeral too soon. I would hate that. Too many legal problems if Sonny is declared dead and then he's alive. lol

Zoe is making me so annoyed with her trying to get Zende to admit he wants to be with her.  She finally got his text message from a month ago. What the hell kind of phone does she have? lol

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Yeah the nurse definitely had a hunch that Sonny was going through something mental like Bipolar...the husband picked up on it too. No one cleans like that lol!

Oh man when I was watching Willow and Michael eye those divorce papers, I was like omg NOT AGAIN!!! I totally thought that they were going to back out again. Glad they didn't!

Oh yeah- I always forget that Wyatt was on Days. What type of character was he? How long was he on that show? Wonder why he left?

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Well the actor that played Wyatt was on Days for maybe a year or so. I honestly forgot who he was related to on the show, but he was almost involved with Abby, who is Jennifer and Jack's daughter, but then he left the show.  I don't remember anything else, sorry. lol I guess I could look up when he was on Days. I must have been a long time ago because Abby was a teen and he was a little older and that's why he avoided getting involved with her. Oh well.

God! GH is making me nuts these days. Too many problems are popping up.  I want that whole necklace thing solved already. I still say Nelle stole that necklace from someone. If she is really dead, it doesn't matter and Nina will have to deal with it.

I'm also glad that Michael and Willow got the annulment. They are not right for each other.

Well, Peter is showing what a bastard he is, so his time might be coming up. If the rumor is right about Billy Miller coming back as Drew, that would be awesome.

I'm a little worried if Carly declares Sonny dead and Jason isn't with Sam anymore, those two might get involved again. They did have that fling with the original Carly way back, so it's possible and when Sonny comes back that would suck.

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Ok, Zoe is getting on my last nerve- at least Zende is trying to talk some sense into her, but WTF??!! Her trying to push this whatever is while she is engaged is insane. How can she think that this is ok to do to Carter? Like seriously? If she wants to date Zende, break up with Carter. Period. Grrrrrrrr, that girl!!!

Yeah the necklace story should be wrapped up very soon. I am kinda getting bored with it already. 

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I so agree with you about Zoe. I wanted to smack her smug fact yesterday when she was warning Paris to mind her own business.

And Zende is trying to do the right thing. I kept thinking if there wasn't any covid, these two would have been all over each other already. lol

Anyway, Ridge caught them today. I wish he would fire Zoe. Poor Carter.  All the what ifs, I don't care. If she really wants to have sex with Zende then she needs to break up with Carter. And if makes me sick for Zoe to think having hot sex with Zende would make them have a great relationship. Someone should tell her honestly and trust make a relationship along with love and sex. I really can't stand her. lol

Yeah, the necklace thing has to end soon. So if Nina can't get through Nelle being her daughter, honestly I don't care. Let's move on.

And I do hope they realize Sonny is bi polar and he takes his meds, but I think this Sonny will be harder to convince. Don't these people check the internet? I'm sure Sonny's disappearance and possibly death has to be all over yahoo or google. lol

Poor Alexis she's done. I hope she finally gets help now. I hope Dante is okay too. And Franco needs help now before someone kills him over the invader story. That Peter is getting on my last nerve too.

My tv guide sad when the double wedding happens shit will hit the fan about Peter and I think Finn is Chase's dad and that might come out, but I think the secret that Anna is Peter's aunt and not his mother will come out too. I doubt Maxie will be marrying Petter next week.

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Poor Franco and poor Elizabeth...I swear those two can never just be happy because all this crap is thrown at them. And I love them as a couple....I really really hope GH does not kill Franco. 

And Alexis stabbing Dante with that syringe? Holy crap! Sure didn't see that coming. 

Even though I hate the necklace storyline, it is nice seeing sweet little Avery have more lines and have more scenes now that she's older. Cute girl. 

And I am sooooo glad that obnoxious sex craved Zoe was caught by Ridge. I wonder how she will get out of it because Zende is innocent here. Hope she doesnt throw him under the bus. She used to be an ok character. Not anymore!!!

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