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Poll: Your favourite instrumental by a guitar duo

Favourite guitar duo  

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13 minutes ago, Brownstone drum said:

Liked some of the Bumble/ Fortus jams mostly before Madagascar, not sure if they were covers or original? 

They sound like originals for me.

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12 minutes ago, Brownstone drum said:

Yeah do to me as well.  Always thought their jams were cool, actually most of the nu gnr jams were good, maybe parts of unheard songs on some of them?

Yeah, maybe some song ideas. It's a shame that CDII hasn't seen the light of the day yet.

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1 minute ago, Get In the Ring Motherfker said:

I always liked that wild horses rendition.Gilby & Slash seemed like a nice combination. Shame that Gilby wasn't really given the chance to write with them.

I like Pawnshop Guitars and that live album he did with Tracii Guns. 

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I love Wild Horses but I have to go with Wish You Were Here since at my show we had a nice moment singing along together with the people in our area. Its a nice moment at all the shows really and sounds good.

P.S. Can we make it a forum rule that people don't lazily do giant fucking quotes all the time? It's annoying af.

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i went with slash and gilby… i've often wondered what could have happened had gilby gotten the chance to write with and for the band.  i think something special could happen between slash and richard though, he's a real player, special, and if it can't be izzy then i'm rooting for fortus.  

if no izzy, would love to see a new record by this:





steven / matt (maybe i'm crazy, but i can clearly see them splitting duties in the studio and live).  


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