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MYGNRFORUM TICKET GIVEAWAY - 07/04/2017, Prague!!!!!

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6 hours ago, Oldest Goat said:

You da man, Russ! :headbang:

I appreciate the sentiment, but I should make clerks that I this is happening due to the generosity of one of our users. I just wasn't sure if he wanted to do it anonymously or not, so I wanted to wait until I could ask him before posting his name. 

The actual content of the announcement wasn't even my idea lol. The rest of the mod team came up with it, I just happened to be the one who was free to make the thread at the time lol :)

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Thank you to everyone who sent PMs to enter. We've chosen a winner from the all the responses and sent a PM for more information on the ticket. Please check your inbox if you entered to see if you won! 

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