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The "Axl's Voice" Thread - Please Keep All Discussion Here

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After 15 years on this forum (I'm that much of a veteran and that lame)  I'm officially weary of debating Axl's voice. He's one of the greatest live singers who ever performed. Those of us who have seen it live, good night or bad, are lucky to have done so. He's in his mid 50's now. He hasn't sounded like he did in 1992 because that was 23 years ago. You'd struggle to name a singer who can sustain performance over that length of time. Maybe he can't deliver the songs now with the same venom in his voice but his passion, determination and tenacity in his vocals have never failed.

That said, this forum is about his voice and people are naming his best vocal performances. For me, when I saw him live at the Garden with AC/DC in 2017 he was earth shattering. People from my office were going and were very much in the "Axl's a dick" camp (because its cool to not like Axl Rose). Next day they worshiped him, and rightly so. Only time in my life I genuinely thought to myself, Axl is the lead singer of the wrong band.

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Haha ok, so the video I posted is already gone. So if every video in this forum is getting blocked...    

I think denial/sugarcoating is at an all time high right now.  Jungle has been fantastic throughout 2016 and even bits of 2017, and it sucks now. For the first time in his career since recording

I find it a bit crazy that people have created this image of him being lazy when it comes to his voice and doing absolutely nothing. The dude had dozens of different voices throughout his career, and

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