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A weird "book" about Izzy


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Here's what I got from reading two pages. It's a novel about a guy who wants to become the new Hanoi Rocks. When he sees a pic of early GNR, announcing LLAS, he tells his friend that their idea has been copied by GNR, they are the new Hanoi Rocks. Axl's like Mike, Izzy's like McCoy etc. Then they hear nothing about LLAS and only hear back from GNR when  AFD comes out.  When he hears it, he thinks it's too perfect to be the new Hanoi Rocks, he doesn't like it. It doesn't sound like they're from the streets.

So just a novel, I assume, and maybe the main character wanted to be like (Italian come) Izzy Stradlin?

I might be wrong though, just read two pages and my Italian is... um... a bit rusty.

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