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looking for chinese democracy interviews

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looking for chinese democracy interviews (rather rare and written, not youtube - I'm not a native)made after the release of the album apart from those with Axl, Tommy, Ashba and Ron

not only with band members but also with producers, engineers, art directors etc. - everyone who worked on the record about the recording process and all what was happening in GNR 1997-2008

here are two examples:





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Brain and then Fresse on Id hit that.  Hilarious stuff. (some might actually be the source of the above music radar Brain piece?) Not only about GNR but plenty of GNR in both.  Hop around.





Bob Ludwig (mastering engineer) around 6:10


Some newer Zutaut stuff sprinkled in here


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Most people that worked on it either left bitter or are afraid of Axl's lawyers. As we know there was a tremendous amount of hands on the album but very few people talk. There had to be a disclosure of some sort before you were allowed "in"

then there's also people that worked on it, have good stories, but don't feel anyone cares enough about the album to share those stories.

the secrecy and mythology of the album is what has kept me interested in it after all these years. So any stories or interviews would be amazing but maybe another decade or so will shed more light on the album creation 

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thx, I saw this Howerdel interview somewhere, but forgot about it, nice find :)

I remember another interview though when he said he is thankful cos Axl's inability to work faster eased his way to creat A Perfect Circle

another short one: http://archive.alternativenation.net/alternativenation-net-interview-with-a-perfect-circles-billy-howerdel-new-album-working-with-axl-rose-josh-freeses-departure/

Sean Beavan


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