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L.A. Guns Interesting Song and Video Good Enough for GnR?

Axl's Agony Aunt

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I just listened to the whole new album today and it was awesome. The best L.A. Guns release in decades. I still like the albums with Stacey Blades on guitar... but Tracii is the heart and soul of that band. Michael Grant is also an amazing guitarist.

My favourite songs are It's All The Same To Me, Speed, Christine, Baby Gotta Fever, The Flood's the Fault of the Rain and the title track. 

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Yeh, all sounds good, with sharp vocals, and slick musicianship. I liked them behind GnR and Crue back in the late 80s early 90s, but haven't followed them much since. 

Baby Gotta Fever sounds similar to Speed but both good fast-paced songs. 

Think it's mainly the intro of The Flood... sounds very similar to House of the Rising Sun.


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