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Hot Tub Concert Time Machine


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So I watched the Stones "Gimme Shelter" Bluray today and it inspired me to try this thread.

If you had a time machine and could go back in time to see any concerts what would they be an why? I would love to hear everyones choices so give it a go. Since you already know how the shows turned out you could plan ahead for instance if you wanted to go to Woodstock you could go early and makes sure you had food and camping gear for the rain that happened......

For me being one of the older members here most are from the 60's/ 70's

1. Rolling Stones 11/27 & 11/28 1969  Madison Square Garden concerts- Love the 1969 Stones tour, but was too young to attend, I did  live near NYC and saw many incredible shows at MSG in the 70's. One of the best places I have ever seen concerts in my experience. These are the shows you hear on the Stones "Get Yer Ya-Yas Yas Out" album and you see in  the beginning of the "Gimme  Shelter" documentary.  But if I could really go back in time and had unlimited funds I would want to follow the Stones 1969 U.S. tour, from the beginning in Denver to end at Altamont, and record every show..........

2. Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys: 4- Fillmore East concerts New Years Eve 1969/70- Jimi trying to go a different direction and some of my favorite Hendrix Live recordings.

3. Allman Brothers:  6 Fillmore East concerts  and 4 of which made up the Legendary  Fillmore East live LP- This could easily be #1 on my list as the Brothers are one of my favortite bands and the Fillmore is legendary.

4. Johnny Winter And, Live at the Fillmore East 10/3/70- Another one of my favorite artists and for those not familiar with him check him out on Youtube..........this band, which also had guitarist Rick Derringer in it, was just incredible and the Fillmore show is just legendary for Winter fans.

5. Humble Pie Fillmore East October 1970-  4 more shows of this legenday band with Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton on Guitar. These shows were cheery picked for the "Rockin The Fillmore" Live 2 LP set in the early 70's. If you like Guns you most likley will love Humble Pie.........Another band that has aged well

6. Guns N Roses- hang out in L.A. and on Sunset Strip at night to soak up the atmosphere and see Guns play the clubs before they made it big. And go to Canter's to eat as often as possible of course!

I was also too young to go to the old Fillmore East, which closed in 1971, so would love to have lived in NYC and had the money to just go to any show I wanted which is bascially every week for a few years.


Anyone else willing to play?






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The Beatles on top of the Apple Records building - The greatest band ever playing their last live show and it was them playing all the Let It Be material. 

Led Zeppelin - At the LA forum in '72. Have you listened to "how the west was won" ? That's why. And it's the fucking forum.

KISS w/ Cheap Trick - 1977 at the LA Forum. My two favorite bands and it was used for the recording of Alive II and once again it's the forum.

Guns N' Roses with Skid Row - at the Forum in 1991. What can I say, I like the forum. They played locomotive. Skid row opened. What's not to love?

Any early stooges show - I saw the reunion when the weirdness came out and it was unfuckingbelievable. I can only imagine seeing them in the early days.

Any pre-1984 Van Halen show. I'd say a club gig at the whisky or something but I love the material on the albums after they gained some success.

any bon-era AC/DC show.


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GNR - Ritz 88.  The real deal!!

Grateful Dead - all of Europe 72' run.  Some of their best playing, on the backs of a string of incredible albums

Stooges - any early show the includes peanut butter.  The passion!  Dirty rock and conceptual art.  Working class meets modal jazz! Is all that follows in all of rock mere imitation?

Cheap Trick - Boudakon!!!  - Because its a favourite album

Joy Division -First gig on 25 January 1978 at Pip's Disco in Manchester.  They were great from day one and Curtis only got more disillusioned as time went on.

Tea Party - Kitchener, The Lyric - any show from 95-00' - I was at many of them and they were over the top good.  Audiences were still rocking in those days.  The band are really amazing musicians and they did extended jams and solos in every song!!

Early Pink Floyd, maybe at acid tests, as long as theres Syd and no gilmour

Pink Floyd, debut night of The Wall tour




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