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Morrissey - Low In High School


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As with all his albums, it’s grown on me quite considerably since my initial listen. I never take to Moz albums at first and then they have a tendency to grab me on about the fourth or fifth run through.

It’s a funny record though... more than any of his other records, I couldn’t imagine anybody who wasn’t already a fan enjoying this album. It’s just so Morrissey and I know that sounds trite, but I can’t see this resonating beyond his already established audience for this reason. Not because of anything to do with the quality of the work, but just because stylistically and musically, it builds and simultaneously strips back upon a lot of what he’s done previously, and I can’t see that translating well to someone who only really know Morrissey from his hits with The Smiths. Not to mention Mozza's lyrics remain as misanthropic as ever and the overtly political views expressed on some songs will likely wind up the usual dullards.

Best tracks are I Bury The Living, I Wish You Lonely and Israel for anyone who cares to listen.

Dig it you flesh eating, murderous carnivores.

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