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for those who hate their job


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Workers Unite!!!!!

They used to demand more then 9-5 with no weekends.  And we fought that.  We won.  We won this much; Let's continue!!!

Our first demand could be to tax the capitalists more to spend it on better transit and better infrastructure.  Pay us more so that we may have air conditioned cars and kick ass stereos.  Pay us more so that we can afford healthy foods, gym memberships and heath care options.  Then we can enjoy a bike ride to work, if we are able bodied.  Give us radio stations that seek to inspire and offer culture, rather then sell products and nostalgia. 

Satisfaction, beauty, quality of life and association with what one produces can be our second set of demands.  Profit-sharing or we take it all over!

When the delivery person drops off bottled water to your job, talk to them.  When there are temps working along side you, talk to them.  If you're full time, help organize the part time to win paid sick days and holidays.  On public transit to your other job, talk to your fellow members of the precariat!

We got this!



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Yeah that poem really speaks to me. Last year my job was terrible cause I didn't see eye-to-eye with anyone. This past year I changed teams and now work very well with the people around me, even including my own boss. Nonetheless, life still feels pretty empty due to work. Im there all day, and when I get home I have no time/energy to do any of the creative things I wanted to do when I was a kid. I already gave up on music entirely, and it feels like I'm also in the process of growing apart from writing as well. It's a shame cause when I was a kid I used to always define myself by the creative stuff I did (stories, drawings, songs, etc.). But now, the only thing really left to define my life with is my job, and that's a sucky feeling (regardless of how nice my current job might be).

And it's not like I can just quit to focus on my writing or anything. If I did quit, chances are I'll never find anything quite as nice as what I have now (good boss, etc.) ever again. Plus, friends/family/society wouldnt understand. In a way, Id be outcasted if I were to ever quit to focus on writing. So im just kinda stuck now, letting my creative energies die.

Sure, I can write at night or over the weekend, but I've come to learn that if you don't dedicate all of your time and energy to your craft, it doesn't really come out all that good. Not good enough to release, anyways. So I would just be left writing for only myself and maybe some friends and family. And sure, that's fine and all, but going through the trouble of writing thousands of words for months on end just to have a few friends and family members say "okay, good job" isn't really that great of a feeling.

sorry to whine like a little bitch. My job has been a bit more draining than usual lately, so I saw this thread and felt the need to get it all off my chest. Hope y'all don't mind.

in the end, I think I'm still happy overall cause, like I said, at least my job has a lot of good aspects, and im on a team now that I work well with, instead of being on a dysfunctional team like my old one. Maybe I'll find a way to balance work with my creative interests someday, or maybe I'll let my creative interests go entirely. We'll see, I guess.

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