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Axl and Ozzy Duet at Download?

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With Guns N' Roses playing Saturday at Download, and Ozzy on Sunday, maybe Ozzy could duet with Axl... if he's in the vicinity... unlikely I know!

Axl and Guns, and Ozzy and Sabbath, have had similar vocalists v band battles, with Art of Anarchy the latest such tussle: http://teamrock.com/news/2018-02-20/art-of-anarchy-sue-vocalist-scott-stapp-for-1-2-million

So maybe Ozzy could join Guns and play Paranoid and Out Ta Get Me.

Or maybe more in line with peace and reunion, Changes and Civil War?

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Fuck that’d be awesome. I don’t see it, but who would’ve ever seen Angus on stage with GnR either? If Ozzy played Sat n GnR Sunday, I could definitely see Slash playing with Ozzy, but the GnR machine will probably pack up n roll after they play Saturday, right? I have no idea where this festival is or where each band is coming or going to/ from before/after. But I agree that if GnR didn’t do something with Aerosmith, who is a huge part of their history, I don’t see anything happening with Ozzy.

I wish Axl was more into these collaborations though for the fans...

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On 2/23/2018 at 3:10 AM, TheGeneral said:

I'd love that but sadly not gonna happen.

I also had hope that Steven Tyler & Joe Perry would play with them at RIR 2017, that was more likely but also didn't happen.


I don't think they wanna do guest spots with people that would inevitably be compared to the same collaborations from 30 years ago... yea Baz joined them once, but no Aerosmith or Lenny Kravitz or anything, instead it's Angus Young or Axl and Billy Joel....

At the very least I could see Slash joining Ozzy, like he did with Andrew Stockdale.

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On ‎24‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 12:32 PM, Stress Fracture said:

Maybe someone could turn up with a ‘Where’s Ozzy?’ sign.

Talking of Ozzy/Izzy there was a possible sighting of Izzy recently in South Korea, winning a bronze medal in the Winter Olympics:

Izzy Atkin


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