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06/06/18 - Odense, Denmark - Dyrskuepladsen

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My video of Shadow Of Your Love!  

"But.. But.. He can't sing anymore", "But.. But.... But.... Adler's singer is better", "We love Myles", "He sucks". Well SHUT YOUR FCKN' mouth.

KOHD is the 7th Inning Stretch of these threads. Take a break Open another tab in the browser See what's going on in the world Go piss Stretch out a bit Refill your drink Catch up on em

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1 minute ago, Axl`s BFF said:

That's my pet hate I can never understand how people pay a fortune and the minute the band comes on they start going to the bar and the toilets

So folk should just whip out their banger and piss where they stand?

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he is doing fine sofar, but we are not yet at the point of his vocal whoopsies in the Berlin concert.

He certainly seems more comfortable tonight, though I'm still concerned about HOW he is getting the rasp and the notes, but so far not bad!

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5 minutes ago, Axl_morris said:

Full on 2012 Mickey on Estranged


Best we can hope is a full show and no skipped lines

And not worry that he's gonna fall over trying to wail and literally nothing comes out...as that's how bad it got on Sunday!
This is several notches up, fuck, it had to be....

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